Trip Report – Rousseau Ridge Loop – 15 June 2022

Our group of eight started at the trailhead for North Gowlland Trail and hiked quickly up to Rousseau Ridge.  From there we followed a flagged route descending toward Gowlland Harbour Rd, with a few short steep sections.  This is a very lovely hike over open, mossy bluffs with great views of Discovery Passage and the Vancouver Island mountains, which were in cloud for us.  We stopped for a lunch break on a bluff overlooking North Gowlland Harbour, noticing that the wreck off of May island was visible due to the very low tide.  We continued undulating down to a logging road heading east and then picked up a flagged route over lower, but still open bluffs taking us back to North Gowlland Trail.  We enjoyed the three very old Douglas firs, the Three Sisters, on the way back to make our loop.  We were concerned about rain in the forecast, but instead the day improved as we hiked.  6.7 km; 3¼ hours.

Thanks to Norris and Carrie for the photos.

(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Rousseau Ridge Loop – 15 June 2022


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