Trip Report – Eagle Ridge and Blindman’s Bluff – 6 July 2022

Our small group parked off of Copperhead logging road, now that the culvert has been replaced.  We descended to the wetlands before meandering up through the forest and bluffs to Eagle Ridge.  The day was overcast and humid, after a few days of heavy rain.  Just before we reached the high point of the ridge a Night Hawk flew across the trail onto the bluff and then into a tree.  We assumed that this was to divert us away from a ground nest and moved on to the high viewpoint.  After a brief stop on the ridge we returned the same way and noticed that there was a single egg alarmingly close to the trail.  Our second destination was Blindman’s Bluff on the hill to the south of Eagle Ridge.  Both of these are excellent walks with lots of variety and views.  We stopped for lunch at the main viewpoint overlooking Gowlland Harbour and Discovery Passage before heading back.  5.7 km; 3½ hours

Thanks to Carrie and Norris for the photos.

(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Eagle Ridge and blindman’s Bluff – 6 July 2022

1 thought on “Trip Report – Eagle Ridge and Blindman’s Bluff – 6 July 2022

  1. Wow … a night hawk egg …. So hope she hadn’t abandoned it ! Sounds like a great hike, hope it can be repeated in the fall! We had a lovely birthday dinner..our daughter is 40…OMG! Val

    Wees Voorzichtig Valerie’s Lilypad


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