Trip Report – Fir Crest Loop – 28 Sept 2022

After a bit of very light rain, nine of us walked this easy “bar-bell” loop.  Starting at the entrance to Fir Crest Acres, we walked along the north edge of this recently made trail.  The wide trail slopes gently down through the forest.  We then headed south along the edge of the golf course and the bluff until we joined the Haskin Farm trail.  We followed this back to the trailihead and connected over to the logging road, which makes a grassy alley through mature trees.  We used Todd’s Trail to re-connect with Fir Crest, then retraced our path back to the northeast corner of the golf course.  From there we followed the road through back up the hill through Fir Crest Acres and to the vehicles.  Both the weather and the walk were gentle.  It was a very social outing with many people returning from an active summer.  6.6 km; 2 hours.


Hiking – Fir Crest Loop – 28 Sept 2022


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