Trip Report – Hopespring – Thompson Trail Loop – 26 Oct 2022

Six of us hiked this classic loop on an overcast, calm morning between fall storms.  After our long drought, it already felt a little bit more green and moist.  There was too much cloud for good views, so we didn’t linger at viewpoints.  We descended the big hill and enjoyed the many big Douglas fir trees in the valley which this route largely follows.  We took the side trip to the old growth grove before continuing on to the junction for the Thompson trail.  The trail meanders and undulates through a good variety of terrain with wetlands, forest and moss-covered rocks.  It was in very good condition.  We set a leisurely pace, stopping to talk amongst ourselves and twice with others on the way.  We were quickly back to the cars and home for lunch.  5.4 km; 2 hours  


(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Hopespring – Thompson Trail Loop – 26 Oct 2022

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