Trip Report – Santana Mine – 16 Nov 2022

Six of us visited the not-so-famous Santana Mine.  Mine Lake gets its name from it, since the mine overlooks the lake.  Or it would if the trees weren’t so high.  So we set out in a thick fog to visit it.  Thanks to Ellen and Alex for their permission to use their driveway and cross their private property.  There are other routes to the mine.  We made a loop, coming back down on Conville Point Road.  The other approach is from Bold Point.

The recent snow overload damaged trees and bushes, so this was a bit of a bushwhack.  Also, there was still snow covering parts of the path, so it was even easier to get lost than normal. The sun made a feeble attempt to show itself at the high “viewpoint” where we had lunch, but no view.  The mine is very interesting.  The main drift (tunnel) still has the old railroad tracks and is safely walkable.  The wildlife is abundant: long legged spiders, crickets, and a few moths.  We also visited the short opening a bit higher up, and peeked into a long drift a bit further north.  The entrance to that one is very low and the floor is flooded.  The route on to Conville Point Road had a few more deadfall obstacles, but the road had a very nice display of larches in full fall colour.  5.1 km; 3 hours.

Thanks to Carrie and Norris for the photos

(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Santana Mine – 16 Nov 2022


2 thoughts on “Trip Report – Santana Mine – 16 Nov 2022

  1. A long time ago you used to be able to see the mine from Mine Lake, but as you said, the trees have grown up! The hike used to be not so hard but the unusual winds about ten years ago played havoc with trails around the Mine Lake and Main Lake area. Trees toppled as the hurricane force wind came from an unusual direction and the trees weren’t rooted to protect against it. Anyway, good for you for struggling up there. The last time I went it took a real effort to clamber over and under tree branches. Haven’t been back since!
    Heather St John

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