Trip Report – Little Black Dress-Back Door-Silk Stocking Loop – 20 Feb 2023

Five of us walked the Little Black Dress – Back Door – Silk Stocking loop.  Instead of the predicted rain, we got a very fine mist, but it was calm and not cold.  The atmosphere was well suited to the very green, mossy bluffs, which these trails wind through and over.  On Little Black Dress we had a lunch break near the high point and remarked how quiet it was.  No signs of animals or birds, but we did hear a distant frog.  After lunch, it was mostly downhill on Silk Stocking, passing by artifacts from several old mining attempts.  (6.2 km; 2 ¾ hours)


Click on photos to enlarge

Hiking -Little Black Dress – Silk Stocking – 20 Feb 2023


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