Trip Report – Mt. Washington – 8 Feb 2023

The month-long delay, in the hopes of getting some snow and decent weather, mostly paid off when we finally hit the snowshoe trails on Feb 8. Two guests joined me, one experienced snowshoer and one newbie eager to find out more about the sport, and both eager to see what Paradise Meadow snowshoe trails have to offer.

Recent rains had left the snow crunchy, but not icy and we crunched along the pleasant Old Cabin Trail at a steady pace. Feeling comfortable, the “newbie” was happy to go further, so we added the Crooked Creek loop. We stopped for a short lunch break out of the chilling wind in a copse of trees at the turn around point, just after the quite challenging bridge crossing. We were soon back at our car after a very pleasant day on the mountain. (about 5 km, 3 hours)

Valerie van Veen

Thanks to Valerie for the photos

(click on photos to view larger)


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