Trip Report – Trout Creek Falls Trail – 12 April 2023

Five of us took advantage of the perfect weather (recently very rare) to hike the Trout Creek Falls loop, which for some historical reason is on Mohun Creek.  The trail was dry and in good condition, with evident clean-up after winter and some new ropes since we visited last.  It goes uphill, as you might expect for waterfalls. Multiple waterfalls.  There are three main ones and a cascade.  The first is near the trail head and is impressive.  The second is bigger and higher and even more impressive.  The third is beyond impressive, though the height of the drop is less than the second falls.  This last falls drops into a narrow gorge and the trail is just on the opposite gorge edge, as close as you would want to be.  But watch your step!  We had lunch on the open, mossy bluff just above the falls.  There was lots of water in the falls after all the recent rain, and it was a sunny, blue day, with sunshine on all the falls.  Perfect.

After lunch we visited the calm pool in the creek just above the falls, then hiked on upstream to where the trail joins the Mary Lake (forestry) Road, which we followed back down, with a short stop at Mary Lake.  Mary Lake is a beautiful lake, but somewhat spoiled by slobs who leave garbage, shotgun shells and bits of fluorescent orange shotgun targets everywhere on the otherwise lovely mossy bluff.  (7km, 3 hours)

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Hiking – Trout Creek Falls Loop – 12 April 2023


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