Trip Photos – Hiking Seymour Ridge 13 July 2013

Four intrepid hikers went for this challenging hike on a clear, warm day.  We hiked up to the Seymour summit with excellent views of Little Nugedzi Lake, the outer islands, coastal mainland and Vancouver Island.  The trail was in excellent condition after being cleared from winter damage by volunteers for the Trails Committee.  We continued on to Nugedzi Lake for lunch.  There was an amazing display of wild tiger lilies around the lakes.  The hike then followed the Nugedzi trail through the forest and past the beaver ponds, with a side trip to the viewpoint over Georgia Basin.  There has been significant wind damage in this forest over the past winter.  From this point the route followed an unmaintained track along the ridge to Beech’s Mountain.  Progress was very slow, as the wind damage was severe in this area also.  After bush whacking and climbing through fallen trees, the group reached the Beech’s Mountain with rewarding views to the east.  The wild flowers were still very good along the way.  On the descent to the Chinese Mountain parking lot we encountered a grouse with chicks.  It took us 7 1/2 hours to go the 12.2 km, with lots of breaks and stops for photos.

Hiking Seymour Ridge 13 July 2013


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