Trip Photos – Kayaking Hyacinthe-Open Bays 7 July 2013

Six club members and one guest enjoyed a beautiful day for our paddle from Hyacinthe Bay to Open Bay. A light wind, gusting NW to about 12-15 knots in more exposed waters, provided some challenge, but the warm, dry weather made for a very pleasant paddle overall. The low tide at Hyacinthe Bay made for a good work out in getting launched. A river otter interrupted his fishing off the rocks to watch us warily as we paddled out into the Bay.
Our first pause was to admire the new, custom designed Toelle built, Peterson home in Hyacinthe Bay, which hugs the bluff as if grown, rather than built, there.
We skirted around seal rock, being careful to not disturb the dozen or so seals enjoying the sunshine and low, low tide.
The very low tide at Open Bay gave us plenty of beach to enjoy as we ate our lunch, and chatted with friends there with their dogs for a good beach run.
Somewhat reluctantly we left our relaxing lunch spot to tour the amazing rock formations of Open Bay. We made a note to plan a club tour with a local geologist to learn more about the fascinating geological history of this area.
With the wind rising, we headed directly back to Hyacinthe Bay, admiring the cliffs of pillow lava as we rounded the point. Some members spotted the route they took on an earlier club hike over Hyacinthe Ridge.

Route: Hyacinthe Bay (Len Road) to Open Bay and return
Total time from put-in to return: 4.5 hours (10 am – 2:30 pm)
Number of participants: 7
Winds and Sea state: light to moderate winds, 5 – 15 knots; slight ripples to low waves
Weather: sunny, warm, 23C
Trip Coordinator: Valerie van Veen

Kayaking Hyacinthe-Open Bays 7 July 2013

(click on photos to view larger)


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