Trip Photos – Kayaking Cortes 20-21 July 2013

This two-day trip morphed into a three-day trip in order to avoid the worst of the ferry traffic for the Cortes Music Fest.  All three days were hot and sunny with strong northwest wind at night and mostly light and variable during the day.

On Friday the group settled into the Smelt Bay campground and then paddled from Smelt Bay around the south end of Cortes across the shoal in very shallow water for great intertidal viewing.  After reaching a small beach on the east side of the island, with great views toward Desolation Sound, we turned around and paddled back.  (5.6 nm)

On Saturday, the group kayaked from Manson’s Landing directly over to Shark Spit, then spent the afternoon exploring the Channel Rock area, walking on Shark Spit, and following the shoreline back to Manson’s Landing and into the lagoon.  The large tides provided an opportunity for seeing marine life, especially sea stars, sea cucumbers and sand dollars.  (9.1 nm including the walk)

On Sunday, the group launched at Cortes Bay and paddled out to the northeast gap between the Twin Islands and along the shore to the islets at the northwest end.  Hank’s Beach on Cortes made a convenient lunch stop and then we returned to Cortes Bay.  (6.7 nm)

As a bonus, we didn’t get caught in any of the ferry overloads!

Kayaking Cortes 20-21 July 2013

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  1. Appreciate the summary of the outing and visuals are very nice.

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