Trip Photos – Kayak Rebecca Spit to Moulds Bay 15 Sept 2013

By Terry Hale

Group: Terry Hale (coordinator), Debbie, Norris, Darcy, Lynn.

Due to marine weather reports (estimated 15 – 20 knots SE winds) the planned destination of Dunsterville Island/Village Bay was left for next year and the meeting place was changed from Valdez Drive beach access to Rebecca Spit boat launch. The group met at 10:30 am, loaded boats and paddled towards Breton Islands on smooth water enshrouded by fog (apparently the Cortes ferry Captain said that the 11:05 run to Cortes was the most dense fog he had ever been in on that route).  Deck compass and handheld GPS proved quite useful for this crossing. We weaved amongst islands to Moulds Bay for a quick lunch, and then crossed Open Bay as wind and waves picked up. Averting a planned stop at Turtle Island, we ferried from Hyacinthe Point to Heriot Island accompanied by rain, thunder and occasional lightening strikes. Everyone remained cheerful and paddled at a steady pace during the trip. We returned to the boat launch at 3:30 pm – close to high tide.

This was a successful trip considering adverse weather conditions. The group stayed together during crossings, wore wet weather clothing and carried navigational and safety equipment. The route plan was changed due to group safety, tracking marine weather, and keeping escape routes in mind.

Kayak Valdez Rd to Village Bay 15 Sept 2013

(click on photos to view larger)


1 thought on “Trip Photos – Kayak Rebecca Spit to Moulds Bay 15 Sept 2013

  1. Thanks for posting the report and images. Great to see people getting out there on their own power whatever the weather. Awesome! Must have been an adventure using the navigation tools and the wet weather gear.

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