Mushroom Cuisine Lovers Eat Local Wild!


Mushroom Cuisine Lovers Eat Local Wild!

Mushroom Trail Chefs at our local restaurants are busy preparing delicious mushroom cuisine. Recipes were submitted  by Quadra Islanders. Each Chef selected  recipe/s to offer on their menu during the  weekends of: Oct 26 – 27 and  Nov 2 – 3.

Follow the Mushroom Trail, taste the mushroom delights! Plus – at that time you can place your name in a draw for a prize.  Participating restaurants are : HBI, Cafe Aroma, Gowlland Harbour Resort & Kameleon.

Congratulations to everyone who submitted such delicious  recipes. The chosen recipe winners are:

  • Barry Hodgson (Chanterelle Soup) served @ Gowlland Resort.
  • Joan Brears (Steak, Guinness & Chanterelle Pie) served at HBI.
  • Darcy Mitchell (Chanterelle & Walnut Pate) served at HBI
  • Smokey Dymny (Mushroom Burger) served @ Kameleon.

Huge thanks to the Chefs & the Restaurants for taking part in  this event!

Greatly appreciated,
The Quadra Island Mushroom & Outdoor Clubs

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