Hiking Maud Island 16 Jan 2014

(Rescheduled from 9 Dec 2013 due to freezing rain and snow.)

Activity hiking
Destination Maud Island
Date Thursday, 16 January 2014
Trip Coordinator Les Hand
Contact Info 285-2029
Description Maud Island to view Seymour Narrows at an 12 knot ebb tide at 11:35 AM.  Weather permitting we will go over the Mt. Lolo viewpoint on the way in to Maud.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay Store for car pooling
Departure Time 9:30 AM
Easy to moderate
Costs none
Trip limits none
Dogs? Dogs are welcome as long as they will stay by you or on a leash
Notes: Please let me know at least two days prior if you will be going. Bring a lunch.  We will eat on Lolo or at Maud. This is a 3-4 hour hike. If pouring rain or high wind an e-mail will be sent out to participants canceling trip by 9AM.

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