Hiking – Eagle Ridge & Blindman’s Bluff – 28 August 2019

Activity Hiking
Destination Eagle Ridge and Blindman’s Bluff
Date 28 Aug 2019, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Les Hand
Contact Info 285-2029 or leshand@gicable.com.
Description Eagle Ridge trail has wetlands as well as rocky bluffs for views of Discovery Passage. We will then go to Blindman’s Bluff for more open views.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay store parking lot.
Departure Time 9:00
Costs none
Trip limits none
Dogs? Yes, but no back and forth through group
Notes: Please contact the trip coordinator prior to the trip.

Trip Report – Newton Lake and Waiatt Bay – 14 Aug 2019

There were eight hikers and two dogs for this highly varied walk to Newton Lake, Small Inlet and Waiatt Bay. It was a warm and sunny day for a hike and a swim. We hiked up the old, eroded logging road to the lake and enjoyed the view and the quiet for a while before continuing along the creek and down the switchbacks to Small Inlet. The Inlet was beautiful and serene, with no boats at anchor, but we decided to go to Waiatt Bay for lunch. It was a very low tide, with quite a lot of boats in the bay, and few people on the trail hiking up to the lake. We returned to Small Inlet by the portage trail and the bubbling spring before hiking back up the hill to Newton Lake. By this time, there were quite a few swimmers at the lake, but we had the rock bluff on the north side to ourselves for a wonderfully refreshing splash in the lake, before returning down the logging road to the vehicles.  14.4 km;  6 hours.

– Julie and Debbie

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Hiking – Newton Lake and Waiatt Bay – 14 Aug 2019

Trip Report – Stramberg Creek & North Grove – 7 Aug 2019

Twelve of us and two dogs headed out to the Stramberg north grove of big trees.  It was one of those dog days of August, sunny and hot.  The first section of the route, an old logging road which was deactivated when it became park land, was a pleasant stroll, a grassy, mossy path. When we reached Stramberg Creek, it was flowing deeper than usual at this time of year.  So we waded across the clear, cool stream.  Then some of us and the dogs were attacked by ground-nesting wasps.  With the help of some ointment on the bites, we continued on.  The trail was clear and well flagged so we made good time and had lunch at the north grove.  After lunch the group split as some returned while others opted for continuing on the trail to the Stramberg big trees, which we normally reach by the trail from the south and east side of the Lake.  The return trip was uneventful, but warm and quick since swimming in Stramberg Lake was the next objective.  The cool, clear waters were very refreshing.  12.1 km;  5½ hours.

– Norris

Thanks to Norris and Les for the photos

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Hiking – Stramberg Creek & North Grove – 7 Aug 2019

Hike – Nugedzi Lakes and Views – 4 Sept 2019

Activity Hiking
Destination Nugedzi Lakes and Views
Date 4 Sept 2019, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Julie Mellanby
Contact Info 3978; please contact the coordinator in advance of the trip.
Description Hike up a steep, old logging road and meander through open forest to the lovely Nugedzi Lakes.  If the group wants more, there are side trips to viewpoints looking northeast, southeast and west.  Nugedzi Lake is a great place for lunch and a swim.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay Store for car pooling
Departure Time 9:00
Difficulty moderate
Costs none
Trip limits none
Dogs?  okay
Notes: Bring lunch and swim wear if you want.


Trip Report – Morte Lake Loop – 24 July 2019

Six of us hiked the classic Morte Lake loop.  The day was sunny and not too hot for the hike.  The berries and mushroom were doing well.  We admired the view of Morte Lake from the east beach before continuing up the newly routed trail, which avoids the steep, eroded section up to the bluff.  We had planned to stop at the northwest beach, but that was fully occupied with children from the Homewood summer camp.  We continued on to the southwest beach, which we had to ourselves.  Most of us stayed for lunch and some swam in the beautiful green water over the white sand.  We continued along the south shore to complete the loop around the lake.  As we returned lots of people were heading out to the lake for a swim.  We crossed over the creek and returned to the vehicles via the Lower Deadfifsh mountain bike trail.   10.0 km;  4 hours.

– Julie and Debbie

Hiking – Morte Lake Loop – 24 July 2019

Trip Report – Kay DuBois Trail – 10 July 2019

The Heriot Ridge Loop was cancelled due to rain (slippery bluffs). Instead, we opted for an enjoyable hike along the Kay Dubois Trail. The rain had stopped as six people and Kona (the dog) met at the trailhead on Wa Wa Kie Road and followed the trail south along the ocean. After the night’s rain, the forest was humid, very green, almost jungle-like. Before heading up the hill to the south end of the trail at Sutil Road, we stopped at the beach access for a break and watched the rough waves breaking at the shoreline. At the end of Sutil Road, we followed logging roads east and north. On the road north that leads to the end of Fox Road, we spotted wolf poop and a small brown garter snake trying to find a patch of sun. Before reaching Fox Road, we turned east onto a small trail that winds its way back to the Kay Dubois Trail, connecting at the big mother spruce tree. From here it was short hike back to the vehicles. Our timing was good as it began to rain again. Thank you Norris for the photo-taking.  5.3 km;  1¾ hours.

– Janis

Hiking – Kay DuBois Trail – 10 July 2019

Hiking – Morte Lake Loop – 24 July 2019

Activity Hiking
Destination Morte Lake Loop
Date 24 July 2019, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Julie Mellanby
Contact Info 3978
Description We will hike the official Morte Lake loop, with opportunities for a picnic lunch and swimming.  4 to 5 hours.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay Store for car pooling
Departure Time 9:30
Easy to moderate.
Costs none
Trip limits none
Dogs? okay
Notes: Bring lunch and something to swim in, if you want to.