Trip Report – Nugedzi Lakes & Lookouts – 16 Aug 2017

The five of us and a dog enjoyed all the lakes and lookouts along the Nugedzi trails.  We stopped at two viewpoints off the steep section on the old road, with views to the northeast which were somewhat hazy with smoke.  We then continued on to the Lily Pond and the viewpoint looking southeast. We hiked through the ancient forest arriving at Nugedzi Lake in time for lunch and a refreshing swim. Continuing on, we stopped at the viewpoints over Discovery Passage and then retraced our steps, making the loop to Little Nugedzi on the return.   Everyone enjoyed the hike and returned pleasantly tired, especially Joe, the dog.  11.5 km; 5½ hours.

Debbie and Julie

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Hike – Nugedzi Lakes &Views – 16 Aug 2017

Trip Report – Kanish Bay & Darkwater Lake – 1 Aug 2017

The hike to Mt. Becher was postponed due to super hot weather, poor visibility from BC forest fires, and ferry overloads. Instead we opted for a cooler, local hike to Kanish Bay and Darkwater Lake. After a long drive over rough logging roads, with a few stops for lake views and wildflowers, we parked and walked to Kanish Bay along a somewhat overgrown old logging road. It was pleasant and cool in the forest and there were still more wildflowers. Views of Kanish Bay don’t come easily, but we bushwhacked down to a gravel beach for lunch, views and a breeze.

We walked back to the vehicle and drove toward Darkwater Lake. The walk is very short, through open understory forest, to the mossy peninsula. We sat on the rocks by the lake and Julie swam in the cool water.  4.0 for Kanish Bay; 1.4 km to Darkwater; 2½ hours total without the driving.

– Norris

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Hiking – Darkwater Lake & Kanish Bay – 28 June 2017

Hike – Nugedzi Lakes and Views – 16 August 2017

Activity Hiking
Destination Nugedzi Lakes and Views
Date 16 July 2017, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Julie Mellanby
Contact Info 3978; please contact the coordinator in advance of the trip.
Description Hike up a steep, old logging road and meander through open forest to the lovely Nugedzi Lakes.  If the group wants more, there are side trips to viewpoints looking northeast, southeast and west.  Nugedzi Lake is a good swimming spot.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay Store for car pooling
Departure Time 9:30
Difficulty moderate
Costs none
Trip limits none
Dogs?  okay
Notes: Bring lunch


Trip Report – Mt. Seymour – 19 July 2017

After some discussion about the most advantageous direction for doing the loop around Nugedzi Lake and Mt Seymour (lake-then-summit won) 8 hikers set off, did a quick car drop-off and started up the Nugedzi Lake trail. It is steeper than the approach from the Granite Bay Road, and we were happy to do that climb before the day got any hotter. Brief stops were made at a couple of viewpoints, and before noon the group was settled on the “mermaid rock” by Nugedzi Lake. A couple of hikers plunged in for a quick swim. We ate our lunch enjoying the breeze across the lake, and then made our way along the path that skirts the rest of the lake. With more sun exposure, but also more breeze, headed up to the ridge toward Mt Seymour summit. It is not a substantial elevation gain from the lake, but after about 30 minutes of sinuous up-and-down along the ridge one is always thinking “alright – I am ready for the summit”. Once at the top, there was a bit of overcast to temper the sun as we enjoyed the view. The trip down to the Granite Bay Road was a gentle descent, on a pretty mossy trail with welcome shade. We were out by about 3 pm.  10.6 km; 5⅓ hours.


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Hiking – Mt. Seymour – 19 July 2017

Trip Report – Morte Lake Loop – 12 July 2017

Nine people and a dog hiked the classic Morte Lake loop.  The weather was good and the trail was in good condition.  A few people went for a swim. 9.5 km; 3½ hours.


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Thanks to Jonathan for the photos.

Hiking- Morte Lake Loop – 12 July 2017

Trip Report – North Gowlland Harbour Bike Trail Loop – 5 July 2017

Seven hikers and one dog enjoyed a short morning hike along the Cash Only bike trail and Yellow Mud trail as far as the large lake/wetland.  We stopped here to have a drink and marvel at the beaver dam.  Luna went for a swim, but was limping when she came out of the water.  After checking her, we decided that she shouldn’t proceed on the hike (another two hours), so we walked her back to the vehicles.  This was the end of the formal outdoor club hike, but Julie offered to take the rest of the group on the Gowlland Harbour trail.  Starting on the south side of the road, near the Missing Links turnoff, the group followed the trail to Rousseau Ridge where they stopped for lunch.  The temperature was climbing at this point so they called it a day and returned to their vehicles.

This hike may be rescheduled at a later date.


Hiking – North Gowlland Harbour Bike trail loop – 5 July 2017

Trip Report – Eagle Ridge – 28 June 2017

We had four different trips scheduled for June 28th at different times. It was like musical chairs; the weather just wouldn’t cooperate. In the end, five of us hiked to Eagle Ridge from the end of Leishman Rd.  The logging road we walked makes a good approach through mostly mature open forest. There is one spectacular old growth fir near the road. We joined the official Eagle Ridge trail at the wetlands and hiked up to the open ridge with great views of Discovery Passage and the Vancouver Island mountains on a beautiful sunny day.  On the return trip, we appreciated the eagle, dragonflies, song sparrow and mama duck with 11 ducklings in the pond. And the wildflowers were amazing: lupine, foxglove, sedum, ocean spray, twin flower, arnica, yarrow, daisy, pussytoes, and more.  4.9 km; 2¾ hours.


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