Trip Report – Wood Duck Lake – 19 June 2014

Despite the forecast for rain and gale force winds later in the day, the group of eight proceeded with this hike to an area not familiar to most of the participants. Taking the second logging road on the right after turning onto North Gowlland road, we parked about a half a kilometre down the road, just past a recently harvested area. The mountain bike trail known as Yellow Mud branched to the left and led to a series of meadows and to Wood Duck Lake. The beaver dam, which had failed a few years ago causing some down-stream damage, was in good repair. There were Mergansers with babies on the lake. We continued on and then up on Play Thing trail to an old copper mining site. Finding the Back Door trail we followed this through open forest until we reached a bluff with views of the Chinese Mountain – Beech’s Mountain ridge. We returned via Dick’s Ride trail, making a small loop. 7 kilometres.  The rain and wind held off until we got home.

(click on photos to view larger)

Hike Wood Duck Lake & Old Mine Trail 19 June 2014


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