Trip Report – Beech’s Mtn 2 Sept 2014

The forecast was for rain, one of the few rainy days in the entire summer. A small group decided to go anyway. The threat of rain was exaggerated, but there was mist and low clouds – not perfect for hike with such great views. We hiked up to the viewpoint and on to the summit. We then decided to make a loop back to the parking lot by taking the route down the west side of Beech’s mountain, continuing on the old logging road for a while, and then following another flagged route along bluffs, finally joining the North Chinese Mountain trail. There are several routes from the logging road to the Chinese Mountain parking lot, but this is the most scenic.

A few people went the following day which was sunny and beautiful.

(click on photos to view larger)

Hike Beech’s Mtn. – 2 Sept 2014


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