Trip Report – Mine Lake Bluff 10 Sept 2014

This trip was scheduled for Rousseau Ridge, but at a last-minute request it was re-routed to the bluff on the north shore of Mine Lake. The weather was perfect: clear, warm and still. We followed the trail from the Surge Narrows Road to the Camp Homewood campsite, which was closed for the season. After finding the sign to the bluff we climbed through the forest and then steeply on rocks up to great views of Mine Lake and the Mt. Seymour Ridge. We explored the top of the bluff for views and found a trail that descended the north side and then along the base of an impressive cliff. This trail circled back to re-join the trail we had taken up the south side of the bluff. We descended to the lake, stopping for lunch and a swim at the rocky peninsula near the campsite, before heading back.

(click on photos to view larger)

Hike Rousseau Ridge – 10 Sept 2014


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