Trip Report – Shellaligan Loop 29 Nov 2014

Six people and a dog hiked the bigger Shellaligan Loop, beginning at the parking closest to the water, counter-clockwise. It was a beautiful, cold, clear day with a bit of north wind. This hike took us over rocky bluffs with great views and then undulated through forest with some old growth and lovely creeks.  7 km, about three hours.

(click on photos to view larger)

Shellalligan Trail – 29 November 2014


1 thought on “Trip Report – Shellaligan Loop 29 Nov 2014

  1. super enjoyed looking at your hike photos! The icicles and moss close up is an artistic winner . would Norris be given the credit as usual ? Because we are away till March from Quadra , it is really nice to be reminded what a terrific home base we have to explore. thanks for all the great communications and pics!! Sincerely, Meg Stewart

    California Desert Dawn at 6 am.

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