Trip Report – B&B Trail Exploration 21 Jan 2015

With Janis’ help we explored the B&B trail and routes on the nearby ridge. We started on the Thompson Trail and turned off at the first viewpoint. We scrambled to the top and enjoyed good views of Hyacinthe Bay and islands to the northeast. The day was overcast, but on a clear day the views would be excellent. We continued down this mossy, open ridge following a flagged route to the north. The trail off the ridge into the forest descends steeply into an area of huge old big leaf maples. The left-hand flagged route joins up with the B&B trail, which winds up the creek and re-joins the Thompson trail. We then explored another flagged route, which goes south on the ridge, more or less paralleling the Heriot Ridge Route and later descends to the Hope Spring Trail. This also follows lovely open, mossy ridges with occasional views to the east. 6.4 km, 3¼ hours.

(click on photos to view larger)

B&B Trail – 21 January 2015


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