Trip Report – Stramberg Old Growth – 1 April 2015

The weather cooperated this time and gave us a nice day for a lovely walk in the woods.  The first leg of this trip heads west along Vic’s Marsh, after that it turns north and heads into  Main Lake Provincial Park.  The trees are plastered with lichens and moss making it an enchanted forest.  There are very impressive trees scattered along the whole walk, including a gigantic white pine, and there are some huge stumps from before this area became a park.  The destination, the old growth grove, has some big trees!  We didn’t think of it, but we should have taken a tape measure so we could say how big they are. We would also like to know how tall they are and how old they are.

The trail and trail flagging is in good condition, other than all the fallen trees that you have to climb under or over or go around, and except for the little loop that goes through the grove.   13.4 km round trip, 5½ hours.  12 hikers.

(click on photos to view larger)

Stramberg Old Growth – 1 April 2015


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