Trip Report – Kayaking Open Bay – 8 April 2015

On Wednesday, April 8, six paddlers gathered at Len Road and were rewarded with a gorgeous day. The wind was light to nonexistent and water near flat. Sunscreen was definitely a good idea. We headed toward Heriot Island to look at flowers on the small dry islands on the way. After rounding the small islets we headed to Seal Rock, where of course there were seals, and then on to the sandy beach at Open Bay.

After lunch some members wanted to paddle more so the group divided. Two went back to Len Road for a total of about two hours paddling as planned. The other four went on to the Bretons, rounded the south island, and then paddled back. By then the tide was quite low and the inter-tidal viewing was excellent. One could not have hoped for a more ideal spring day for a paddle.

(click on photos to view larger)

Kayaking – Open Bay 8 April 2015


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