Trip Report – Kayaking Gowlland Harbour – 6 May 2015

Six members met at April Point marina. The very low tide provided an excellent opportunity to see intertidal marine life. Paddled the east side of Gowlland Island, picking up two further kayakers. We kept out of the way of the tug boat coming in with a log boom. The islands gave us a beautiful display of wildflowers, the yellow/pink blush. We enjoyed floating amongst the seals, they put on quite a display. The sea urchins and starfish were amazing along the rock and floor of the ocean.  Paddled over to the shipwreck off May Island and held our lunch on May Island. The island was covered with flowers, such a beautiful wild garden. Margot showed us the old eagles nest and the disaster that happened a couple of years ago.  We then paddled over and along the shore of Quadra Island, beautiful rock faces coloured with an array of flowers. We paddled past Gowlland Harbour Resort, Fawn, Stag, and Doe islands, and eventually on to April Point. The day felt like summer, a brilliant blue sky and warm sunshine all day. The eagles and seals delighted us, a lovely paddle and a good start off for further kayaking trips.

What a magnificent way to spend a day.

Margot Wood

(click on photos to view larger)

Kayaking – Gowlland Harbour – 5 May 2015


1 thought on “Trip Report – Kayaking Gowlland Harbour – 6 May 2015

  1. You sure know how to make a person envious!!!!! Love the descriptions and pics of course. One of my favourite Spring paddle areas. It rekindled great memories and motivates me to get this foot in shape for paddling…..very soon. Thanks for all the reporting and posting you continue to do, Meg

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