Trip Report – Kayaking Carrington Bay – 23-25 June 2015

We took the first ferry to Cortes, drove to Sea Vista to launch our kayaks with our camping equipment. We paddled through Plunger Passage, past Coulter Bay, into the Sutil Channel and onto Carrington Bay. This was interesting and at times a little challenging. On arrival at Carrington Bay we set up our tents near the lagoon entrance. A narrow channel through which the tide flows, mixing salt and fresh water. A lovely camping area with many sunny spots with the lagoon for swimming. (Sheelagh and Valerie had a swim at night)

Carrington Bay is home to a significant amount of wildlife, beautiful old growth trees and a network of hiking trails. After setting up camp, we paddled in the bay only, due to strong winds and white caps in the channel. Spent time exploring Carrington Bay. We discovered a huge number of Sea Cucumbers in the lagoon and on other rocky shorelines. The next day we did a marathon of 27.2km, taking in Frederic Point and onto the Penn Islands. Beautiful rock faces, stunning arbutus groves, seals keeping watch, glorious colours……you get the picture. After lunch, we paddled onto Von Donop to explore. Beautiful purple starfish, a welcome treat to us all. We had a couple of showers, however, they were refreshing and light. Moon Jellyfish in an abundance in the Carrington Bay. We arrived back to camp by 5 p.m……a great workout. All dinners were superb, dishes done and into bed early. The weather called for strong winds arriving by noon on Thursday, we decided to get moving early the next morning.  The return paddle was the same route. We took the opportunity to explore Coulter Bay. Arriving in time to take the 1:50 p.m. return ferry. Tired but all very happy kayakers.

A great group of QIOC members………thank you for joining me on one of my favourite islands.  – Margot

(click on photos to view larger)

Kayaking – Carrington Bay – 23-25 June 2015


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