Trip Report – Mt. Washington – 16 Dec 2015

We knew that there would be snow, but the good weather was unexpected. Even the ferry ride was gorgeous. The four of us decided to snowshoe from the Rampart Hill chain-up area rather than going to Raven Lodge. The conditions were great: plenty of snow and, at -5° C, it was light and fluffy except where wind-packed. We meandered along a variety of tracked logging roads with excellent views of the mainland mountains. We stopped for lunch on an open knoll where we were pestered by Whiskey Jacks and then continued to ramble over the undulating area. We spent a while in untracked snow and then returned to the cars as the cloud above and below us increased. It was an easy day for the first outing. About 2 ½ hours; 6 km.


(click on photos to view larger)

Snowshoeing – Mt. Washington – 16 Dec 2015


1 thought on “Trip Report – Mt. Washington – 16 Dec 2015

  1. January 18 to 22 (Mon to Fri) is half-price downhill passes (half of $90)! What a good week to stay at Mt. W. a night or two or at least go skiing! Anybody interested? Cathy Slater

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