Trip Report – Granite Bay Rd Jct – 30 Dec 2016

Ten enthusiastic hikers set out on a beautiful winter day. We walked two short loops, a bit like a figure of eight. We started on the trail along Open Bay Creek where there was quite a bit of snow and many puddles, but great views of the creek in a fairly open forest. We followed the flagged route up to the second logging road and returned to the vehicles. We then started down icy Open Bay Main, turning up the second mountain bike trail and following that up a fairly steep trail to the Granite Bay Rd. We had lunch at the logging road leading to the recently harvested cut block and then took the Crikey Creek mountain bike trail back to Open Bay Main. We enjoyed the sunshine, each other and the great variety in this small area.  6km; 2¼ hours.


(click on photos to view larger)

Hike – Granite Bay Rd Jct – 30 Dec 2016


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