Trip Report – Salmon Pt to Oyster River – 24 Jan 2017

Six of us met at Salmon Point Resort for lunch at noon. This is something we had not tried before but was a good social outing. If you have not tried this restaurant you should. It has a great view to Mitlenatch Island and the coastal mountains beyond. They have lunch specials. Their seafood chowder in a bread bowl as well as the calamari is delicious.

After lunch we walked from the resort to the Oyster River. This time of year the trail head can be covered with water but the resort lets the public go through the trailer park sites. Dogs must be leashed. The low land at the first of the walk is a great place to bird watch. We saw many birds, ducks and some trumpeter swans. Last summer much of the trail was moved closer to the ocean and covered with bark mulch. At the south end you go into the Oyster River Nature Park. It is only a 12 acre park but has many small trails. Be careful near the river as part of the path was eroded during the heavy rains. If it is a cold day or you want a break you can stop at the Fisherman’s Pub. We returned to the vehicles via the same route. It was about 6.5 km and took 2 hours.


(click on photos to view larger)

Hiking – Salmon Pt to Oyster River – 24 Jan 2017


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