Trip Report – Hopespring – Homewood Loop – 24 May 2017

Ten hikers and three dogs enjoyed a three and a half hour hike on a loop of trails and routes in the Heriot Ridge area. The weather was sunny and cool with a brisk northwest wind blowing. Starting at the Hopespring trailhead, we walked up to the height of land, then headed south along Heriot Ridge. Our first stop was the location of the new North Island communication tower. From there we dropped off the south end of the ridge and proceeded south through the woods to High Bluff where we had great views south and west.   We hiked west on the High Bluff trail, then south on Gowlland Harbour trail to Homewood Bluff where we stopped for lunch and enjoyed more views west to the Vancouver Island Mountains.   Dropping off the east side of Homewood Bluff, we picked up the High Bluff trail back to High Bluff, then north across Heriot Ridge to Hopespring trail and back to the vehicles. The wildflowers on the open bluffs of Heriot Ridge were a bonus.  5.9 km.


(click on photos to view larger)

Hiking – Hopespring – Homewood Loop – 24 May 2017


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