Trip Report – North Gowlland Harbour Bike Trail Loop – 5 July 2017

Seven hikers and one dog enjoyed a short morning hike along the Cash Only bike trail and Yellow Mud trail as far as the large lake/wetland.  We stopped here to have a drink and marvel at the beaver dam.  Luna went for a swim, but was limping when she came out of the water.  After checking her, we decided that she shouldn’t proceed on the hike (another two hours), so we walked her back to the vehicles.  This was the end of the formal outdoor club hike, but Julie offered to take the rest of the group on the Gowlland Harbour trail.  Starting on the south side of the road, near the Missing Links turnoff, the group followed the trail to Rousseau Ridge where they stopped for lunch.  The temperature was climbing at this point so they called it a day and returned to their vehicles.

This hike may be rescheduled at a later date.


Hiking – North Gowlland Harbour Bike trail loop – 5 July 2017


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