Trip Report – Eagle Ridge – 28 June 2017

We had four different trips scheduled for June 28th at different times. It was like musical chairs; the weather just wouldn’t cooperate. In the end, five of us hiked to Eagle Ridge from the end of Leishman Rd.  The logging road we walked makes a good approach through mostly mature open forest. There is one spectacular old growth fir near the road. We joined the official Eagle Ridge trail at the wetlands and hiked up to the open ridge with great views of Discovery Passage and the Vancouver Island mountains on a beautiful sunny day.  On the return trip, we appreciated the eagle, dragonflies, song sparrow and mama duck with 11 ducklings in the pond. And the wildflowers were amazing: lupine, foxglove, sedum, ocean spray, twin flower, arnica, yarrow, daisy, pussytoes, and more.  4.9 km; 2¾ hours.


(click on photos to view larger)


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