Trip Report – Mt. Seymour – 19 July 2017

After some discussion about the most advantageous direction for doing the loop around Nugedzi Lake and Mt Seymour (lake-then-summit won) 8 hikers set off, did a quick car drop-off and started up the Nugedzi Lake trail. It is steeper than the approach from the Granite Bay Road, and we were happy to do that climb before the day got any hotter. Brief stops were made at a couple of viewpoints, and before noon the group was settled on the “mermaid rock” by Nugedzi Lake. A couple of hikers plunged in for a quick swim. We ate our lunch enjoying the breeze across the lake, and then made our way along the path that skirts the rest of the lake. With more sun exposure, but also more breeze, headed up to the ridge toward Mt Seymour summit. It is not a substantial elevation gain from the lake, but after about 30 minutes of sinuous up-and-down along the ridge one is always thinking “alright – I am ready for the summit”. Once at the top, there was a bit of overcast to temper the sun as we enjoyed the view. The trip down to the Granite Bay Road was a gentle descent, on a pretty mossy trail with welcome shade. We were out by about 3 pm.  10.6 km; 5⅓ hours.


(click on photos to view larger)

Hiking – Mt. Seymour – 19 July 2017


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