Trip Report – Alternate Morte Lake Loop – 1 Nov 2017

 We were fortunate to have yet another beautiful fall day for this hike around Morte Lake.  The forecast called for showers, but it was clear and cool.  We left the Morte Lake parking lot and hiked up the Morning Beer mountain bike trail, stopping for views of Chinese Mountains and glimpses of the outer islands.  We continued on to Lost Rider, Ridge Trail, the tripod and Connector.  None of that was the original plan, but it was a lovely walk.  At the south end of Morte Lake there was a cold wind with white caps on the lake, but when we carried on to the picnic table, it was sunny and sheltered.  The hike along the north bluffs over Morte Lake was sunny and there were great views. 10.5 km; 4½ hours.


(click on photos to view larger)

Hiking – Alternate Morte Lake Loop – 1 Nov 2017


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