Trip Report – Main Lake from Surge Narrows Rd – 8 Nov 2017

Six of us hiked the flagged route from the Surge Narrows Rd to the east end of Main Lake.   The day was mild and the brush was dry as we followed the old logging road making a side trip to an un-named lake.  After briefly thrashing in the brush in the wrong direction, we continued through lovely, open forest with lots of white pine and some old growth cedar and fir.  However, there are some sections with major blow-down, which is not just stepped over, but involves the full-body climb up and over.  Near to Main Lake we admired some exceptional old growth Douglas fir and the water falls.  We had lunch at the picnic tables at the campground, enjoying the view of the Lake.  After lunch some remained and enjoyed a fire in the campground fire ring, while others hiked on to Yeatman Bay.  We followed the flagged route back to the vehicles, which is rather more uphill.  9.7 km; 4½ hours.


(click on photos to view larger)

Hiking – Main Lake from Surge Narrows Rd – 8 Novt 2017


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