Trip Report – Surge Narrows logging roads – 10 Jan 2018

Ten of us took advantage of the brief break in the rainy weather to explore another part of the island.  We started from near Mine Lake. After a short steep section, the old logging road is pretty flat and open, going through a section of the woodlot in which the re-planted trees are growing nicely.  The forest is quite diverse and some of it is mature with open understory.  We took a short side trip to a trailhead on the Bold Point Road, then had lunch in a nice clearing.  After lunch we bushwhacked a bit and climbed a little bluff with good views all around and continued south to rejoin the Surge Narrows Road, which we walked back to the starting point.   8.3 km; 3½ hours.

– Norris

(click on photos to view larger)

Hiking – Surge Narrows logging roads – 10 Jan 2018


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