Trip Report – Mud Lake-Morte Lake Loop – 17 Jan 2018

Because of a big winter storm, we substituted this short hike for the previously planned trip to Mt. Washington. Five stalwart and cheerful hikers, undeterred by the weather, came out in a gale. We started at the pull off just past Mud Lake on the Walcan Road. After crossing the creek, we hiked up the South Bluff trail over the bluff to Morte Lake. The trail is quite steep, the bluff is open and covered with moss and lichen. We followed the old logging road down to Morte Lake. No one wanted to turn back so soon, so we continued on to the viewpoint, which was relatively sheltered from the southeast wind. We took the Tripod Connector trail back to the trail along Mud Lake. Again, no one was ready to head for the car, so we took the trail west to the Mud Lake trailhead at the Walcan Road. Finally we turned back to the car. The trail was quite wet in places and no one went home dry.  6.1 km; 2 hours.


(click on photos to view larger)

Hiking – Mud Lake to Morte Lake Loop – 17 Jan 2018


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