Trip Report – Hikes from Open Bay Main – 28 Feb 2018

The weather forecast was not good. Bad actually: heavy rain and high winds.  But seven hikers ventured out anyway.  First we walked a trail along Open Bay Creek, a nice salmon stream, and walked back on a logging road.  There had been quite a lot of logging east of the road since our last trip here. 3.2 km; 1 hour.

There was snow on the trail and it was slippery, so for the second act we hiked to Stramberg Lake instead of the planned Crikey Creek mountain bike trails. The mountain bike trails were steep and the route to Stramberg was flat, but the snow was a bit deep in places.  We stopped for lunch out of the wind and then took the old logging road into Main Lakes Park.  We followed the side trail down to Stramberg Lake for the wintery view and then returned. 4.5 km; 1½ hours.

There were some wet feet from the snow. On the plus side, we were quite sheltered in these forests from the wind, and it didn’t start raining hard until we got back.  There were lots of huge wolf prints in the snow.

– Norris

(click on photos to view larger)

Thanks to Norris and Les for the photos

Hiking – Hikes from Open Bay Main- 28 Feb 2018


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