Reconnaissance Report – Broken Eyes Mtn – 11 June 2018

The trip to Broken Eyes Mtn (aka Campbell RiverLookout) was postponed several times due to weather and rescheduled to sometime later in the summer.  But when the forecast turned sunny, we decided to check out this trail since the trail descriptions online left some doubts about it.  We can confirm that this trail will leave you breathless.  

After a short level hike on an old logging road, the trail crosses a stream on a long, narrow log bridge.  Some people won’t like this.  Then the trail goes up.  It climbs 500 m in 2.4 km, up through a forest.  The trail is well established and well flagged.  It’s rough and it’s dirt.  It’s about as steep as it can be, somewhere between the steepness of stairs and ladders, mostly.  It could be slippery when wet.  Hiking poles might help in some places and get in the way in other places.  The very steepest parts have ropes or chains to provide hand-holds.  Bring gloves.  There is no exposure, but one chained section would be tricky for many hikers without the chain.  At the top it levels off and the viewpoint is breathtaking.

According to the summit log, this is a surprisingly popular hike, and a four-year old, seven-year old and a dog have made it to the top very recently.  Altogether 7.0 km, 4 hours.


(click on photos to view larger)

Hiking – Broken Eyes Mtn – July 2018


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