Trip Report – Steep Island – 12 Nov 2018

On a calm and partly sunny day, four kayaks set out from Q Cove for Steep Island. We first paddled into Unkak Cove as there was a 12 foot tide and much of the Cove dries at a lower tide. There were numerous birds there. It is too bad that there are also numerous old docks that have been left to rot away. From the Cove we traveled up in Discovery Passage by April Point. We were going with the ebb tide, but found many back eddies along the way. It was fun to have the tide moving in all different directions which kept you adjusting your paddling.

We stopped to have lunch and enjoy the sun at Vigilant Island, and shared some smoked salmon, cheese and crackers.  From there we went around Steep Island. There was some current getting there but almost none going along the west side where I thought it might be strong. A person may know if it is ebb or flood tide, but the current is constantly changing near shore. The tide was nearing slack now so we headed straight back to the Cove, though there was still come current against us. On the way we had two sea lions put on a bit of a show for us. It is unsettling for a creature bigger that the kayak to come up close to you. All in all a calm, warm and wonderful day for a paddle especially considering it is November.  7.8 nautical miles and 4 hours.


(click on photos to view larger)

Kayaking – Steep Island – 12 Nov 2018


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