Trip Report – Backdoor-Yellow Mud Loop – 28 Nov 2018

Fifteen hikers, along with Kona and Joey, the dogs, enjoyed a three hour hike in the area south of Walcan Road, starting at the pullout at Reed Lake. The weather was great for November – cloudy but with no rain, no wind and a pleasant 8° C. We headed south on Straight-as-a-Dime Trail, following a combination of newer bike trail sections and old logging roads. Turning east onto Backdoor Trail, we hiked over vibrant green moss-covered rock bluffs, through pine forest and past a perfectly mirrored pond. Shortly after going past some old mining camp debris, we headed north and followed Dick’s Ride down to Nighthawk Lake (variously named Yellow Mud, Hilda’s, Wood Duck and Beaver Pond Lake). Walking alongside the large lake created by a 20-meter-long plus beaver dam, we spotted Bufflehead and other waterbirds, and an unidentified hawk. We continued northwest down Yellow Mud Trail through lush sword fern, hemlock and Doug fir forest, paralleling McKercher Creek before arriving back at Reed Lake.  8.1 km.

Janis McLean

Thanks to Norris and Les for the photos

(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Backdoor-Yellow Mud Loop – 28 Nov 2018


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