Trip Report – Open Bay and Crikey Creeks – 30 Dec 2018

We postponed this hike by a day for better weather and were rewarded with a beautiful, sunny winter day.  Ten of us followed the trail downstream along Open Bay Creek.  The trail is wet in a few places with a bit of winter blow-down, but there are great views of the stream rushing through the lush rainforest.  We made a loop by returning on the logging road, then wandered down Open Bay Main to the start of the mountain bike trail Rio.  This trail climbs steeply and near the top there is a banked bridged, which was slippery, with some loose planks.  After a quick snack break, we returned down the Crikey Creek trail, which is the more developed of the two trails.  We didn’t get a lot of sun, with the sun very low in these deep forests, but it was a good, short walk.  5.4 km; 2 hours.


Thanks to Norris and Les for the photos.

(click on photos to view larger)

Hiking – Open Bay and Crikey Creeks – 30 Dec 2018


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