Trip Report – Morte Lake Loop – 24 July 2019

Six of us hiked the classic Morte Lake loop.  The day was sunny and not too hot for the hike.  The berries and mushroom were doing well.  We admired the view of Morte Lake from the east beach before continuing up the newly routed trail, which avoids the steep, eroded section up to the bluff.  We had planned to stop at the northwest beach, but that was fully occupied with children from the Homewood summer camp.  We continued on to the southwest beach, which we had to ourselves.  Most of us stayed for lunch and some swam in the beautiful green water over the white sand.  We continued along the south shore to complete the loop around the lake.  As we returned lots of people were heading out to the lake for a swim.  We crossed over the creek and returned to the vehicles via the Lower Deadfifsh mountain bike trail.   10.0 km;  4 hours.

– Julie and Debbie

Hiking – Morte Lake Loop – 24 July 2019


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