Trip Report – Newton Lake and Waiatt Bay – 14 Aug 2019

There were eight hikers and two dogs for this highly varied walk to Newton Lake, Small Inlet and Waiatt Bay. It was a warm and sunny day for a hike and a swim. We hiked up the old, eroded logging road to the lake and enjoyed the view and the quiet for a while before continuing along the creek and down the switchbacks to Small Inlet. The Inlet was beautiful and serene, with no boats at anchor, but we decided to go to Waiatt Bay for lunch. It was a very low tide, with quite a lot of boats in the bay, and few people on the trail hiking up to the lake. We returned to Small Inlet by the portage trail and the bubbling spring before hiking back up the hill to Newton Lake. By this time, there were quite a few swimmers at the lake, but we had the rock bluff on the north side to ourselves for a wonderfully refreshing splash in the lake, before returning down the logging road to the vehicles.  14.4 km;  6 hours.

– Julie and Debbie

Click on the photos to enlarge

Hiking – Newton Lake and Waiatt Bay – 14 Aug 2019


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