Trip Report – Eagle Ridge & Blindman’s Bluff – 28 Aug 2019

Six people drove up the hill at the end of Leishmans Road to a spot past the bridge. From there we hiked to the beaver pond which was low and covered with lily pads. We turned left and proceeded up Eagle Ridge. It was a clear day so there were splendid views of the passage. Mt. Victoria really stood out with the blue sky background.

After a short break we backtracked the same route and went up to Blindman’s Bluff. Hiking it counterclockwise, we stopped for lunch before we ran out of shade as it was getting hot. That area has great views of Gowlland Harbour. After lunch we did the open rocks and back down to the vehicles. On the way out we stopped to admire the old growth fir at the entrance. 5.7 km and 3 hours


Thanks to Les the photos

(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Eagle Ridge & Blindman’s Bluff – 28 Aug 2019


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