Trip Report – Small Inlet – 25 Aug 2019

This trip was scheduled for Aug 21 but was postponed, due to poor weather, until August 23rd. On August 23rd several of us conferred early in the day and decided again that the weather was not conducive to an enjoyable outing. Two paddlers arranged to meet for an afternoon paddle when the the weather made a change for the better. We enjoyed a 3 hour outing to the Breton Islands. A humpback whale made an appearance out in Sutil Channel and we encountered numerous seals, oystercatchers, and turnstones in and around the islands and rocks. It was decided that we would try again to get our Kanish Bay trip done and it was arranged for Sunday 25th.

Four paddlers met at Granite Bay on a sunny but windy morning and set off, finally, for our planned outing. Conditions on the water very quickly dictated that we implement plan B and we headed to Small Inlet instead of out into Kanish Bay. With wind and tide helping us we reached the portage trail in an hour, visited with a camper briefly and then set off for Waiatt Bay. We had the trail to ourselves, enjoyed the warm sunshine at Waiatt Bay and then headed back to Small Inlet. We decided to try for Orchard Bay for lunch and headed west into a strong headwind and rising tide. We battled our way out of the Inlet and eventually had to agree that, with the wind not abating as forecasted, we would pass on Orchard and head to the midden campsite in Granite Bay. We shared the beach and headland with a large family picnicking there and had an enjoyable and leisurely late lunch. It was a short paddle to the boat launch from there to conclude a 7 NM, 6 hour outing. The Chained Islands and Orchard Bay will have to wait for another day!


Thanks to Vic for the photos

(click on photos to view larger)

Kayaking – Kanish Bay/Small Inlet – 23 Aug 2019


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