Trip Report – Chauntaluf Farm – 2 Sept 2020

Five of us visited the Kellerhal clan farm, Chauntaluf, on a beautiful, warm late summer day. As three of the group had never been to the property, we first explored some of the farm and the land leading down to Hyacinthe Bay. Then we headed up Open Bay Road and onto the narrow trail leading to Raven Crag. The views of Hyacinthe Bay and the valley below Chinese Mountains were great. We continued along bluffs, through coastal forest, undulating out to Hyacinthe Point. Here we stopped for lunch and the wonderful views of Rebecca Spit and the Strait of Georgia. After a leisurely break, we backtracked and then followed trails to the Coast Mountain Lookout, which offered still different views looking east toward the mainland mountains. We circled round to Nighthawk trail and Big Pond Road before arriving at the pond. There was lots of small wildlife at the pond: a swimming garter snake, numerous dragon flies, damsel flies and many, many rough-skinned newts swimming in the pond. The damsel flies were all busy mating. After another leisurely rest we went back to Open Bay Rd and returned to the vehicles. 6.9 km, 4½ hours.

Thanks so much to Heather Kellerhals for graciously allowing the Outdoor Club to visit her family property. 


(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Chauntaluf Farm – 2 Sept 2020


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