Trip Report – Newcomers’ Hike – 16 Oct 2021

Six hikers enjoyed a Wet Coast ramble through the beautiful Community Trails on our first-ever “Newcomers” hike. Three Club members were thrilled to welcome three Newcomers, and one “would-be” who was stuck in Nanaimo.  (Hope you are able to join us on an outing soon, Norma!) Though we had originally planned an excursion through the lovely bike/hike trails south of Walcan Road, in the face of our latest monsoon we opted for the Community Trails, less muddy and slippery and more conducive to a relaxed outing. The ramble was ably led by Les, now the Community Trails expert thanks to his self-directed rehab after his leg surgery. Welcome back,Les! We saw many fungi of various sorts, and a downed, rotten alder was a good visual reminder of the dangers of being in the woods in the windstorms. As always, the Community Trails reminded us why we are so lucky to call Quadra our home, as “oldtimers” and as “newcomers”.  2¾ hrs, 7 km

Valerie van Veen 

Thanks to Valerie, Les and everyone who contributed photos.

(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Newcomers’ Hike – 16 Oct 2021


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