Hiking – South Chinese Mtn – 8 Dec 2021

Activity Hiking
Destination South Chinese Mountain Viewpoint
Date 8 Dec, Wednesday
Trip Coordinator Brent Henry
Contact Info quadrabike@gmail.com or text/phone 250-205-1106; Participants should confirm with the trip coordinator by Monday night, December 6th.
Description Starting at the Chinese Mountains trailhead, we will follow the South Chinese Trail to its intersection with Beech’s Mountain Trail but continue to the right up to the South Chinese Mountain viewpoint. Along this trail we ascend steep rock bluffs with lovely views to the east, west and south. After the southern viewpoint, where we can have a short snack or lunch break, we will retrace out steps to the north to the intersection of the descent trail leading to the valley between the two Chinese peaks. Optionally, depending on our progress and conditions, we can also add the ascent to North Chinese Peak. We will then descend the valley on the North Chinese Mountain Trail, an old mining/logging road, to the parking lot.
Meeting Place Heriot Bay Store parking lot.
Departure Time 10:00
Moderate, with some slippery spots.
Trip limits
Dogs? Yes, but must be always under control, and owner must have a leash on the ready.
Notes: We will spend about 2 to 3 hours on this trail, with a main break at the viewpoint. As there can be slippery spots and ground/running water during the winter months, hiking poles and sturdy water proof hiking boots, with ankle support are recommended.

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