Trip Report – South Chinese Mtn Loop – 8 Dec 2021

After waiting a bit at the Heriot Bay meeting point, due to icy road conditions that morning, four of us met at the Chinese Mountain trailhead. We started clockwise on the South Mountain trail around 10:40.  Although there was snow left on the trail from the last snowfall, it was not too deep, and the abundant sunshine made wonderful conditions for the ascent.  Although some clouds remained over Vancouver Island, the view to the south from the western bluff lookouts was spectacular.  Although the snow on the trail had us deviating from the main trail, we easily regained it above us, and were able to follow the trial easily to the south lookout. The views were superb as we took a short lunch.  We took our time descending the eastern trail down in to the valley between north and south peak, as the steep steps down presented some slippery sections, and the old mining road down had a lot of running surface water causing some slippery parts. The total trip took just over 2½ hours.


Thanks to Brent and Norris for the photos.

(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – South Chinese Mountain – 8 Dec 2021


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