Trip Report – South Stramberg Route – 24 Nov 2021

Thirteen of us hiked this trail even though the forecast was for rain and wind.  As it turned out, the weather wasn’t too bad, just some drizzle for a while.  It’s a forest trail anyway, so no views were missed, and the trees drip even when the rain stops.  The trail is very muddy in sections, so good boots are recommended.

Since the numbers were large, we split up into two smaller groups and that worked well.

We started on a recent logging road in a woodlot and continued on an old logging road through what is now Main Lake Provincial Park.  It’s a very pleasant old forest walk, partly on a mossy track and then through a wetter area.  After crossing the small creek we stopped for lunch in the forest before returning to the vehicles.  6.2 km and 2¼ hours.


Thanks to Norris and Carrie for the photos.

(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – South Stramberg Route – 24 Nov 2021


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