Trip Report – Village Bay Lakes Loop – 2 Feb 2022

Nine of us walked this short “new” loop between Village Bay Lakes and Vic’s Marsh.  Some of it is on a gated logging road, some of it is on an old, maintained trail that we’ve recently rediscovered.  It passes through a very nice forest.  Perhaps the loop was a riding trail when Vic had horses at the marsh.  In the eighties?  Then the trail connects to the Vic’s Marsh trail, returning to the cars along the marsh and passing by the remains of Vic’s barn.  Despite a poor weather forecast, it did not rain or snow on us and this loop was mostly clear of snow while other trails in the area are still covered.  Back at the vehicles, the groups shared some yummy snacks before departing.   4.2 km, 1⅓ hours


(click on photos to enlarge)

Hiking – Village Bay Lakes Loop – 2 Feb 2022


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